Transformation is a shift in perspective AND energy.

Transformation is a shift in perspective AND energy.

As Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking we created it.

Whenever you find yourself struggling, there’s a conflict at play inside of you. When you think from a perspective in duality (either/or) you will try to find a solution to your conflict from a perspective of who/what is right and who/what is wrong. But since this is just a matter of perspectives, it might be very hard to come up with the one “right solution”, since there are 360′ of perspectives, all valid, depending from the point of view you choose.

Shifting from needing to be right (or find the right solution) to aiming to be happy, will help you shift to a new level of thinking in and/and. This way of thinking lifts you beyond duality. It allows for polarities to merge and work together as one, in stead of polarising even more. From the and/and way of thinking from the heart, we can stop fighting what is and start creating what can be.

Polarities do not exclude each other. They only seem to do so, from within duality. In reality, polarities are relative concepts of one aspect and just serve to create contrast. Contrast gives birth to our amazing experiences.

f.e. We can only experience temperature by dividing it into hot and cold. We can only understand hot if we can experience cold and vice versa.

By looking beyond the duality paradigm, I’ve dis-covered that:

  • every conflict between polarities, is a useless battle that can never be won.
  • polarities are only relative concepts that can’t exist without each other.
  • every conflict between polarities reveals an opportunity to shift my perspective and shift my energy so I can love my life.
  • fighting what is, is the very thing that prevents me from creating what I want
  • fighting what is, is the very thing that creates suffering
  • accepting what is (not condoning), is the only way to move towards creating what I do want
  • shifting to a new, more expanded paradigm (and/and thinking from the Heart), allows me to see that conflict is an invitation to make peace between polarities (within me) that have forgotten they are one.
  • Peace. Is. Possible. And it starts within.