For a big part of my life I was an expert at trying to improve myself or my life by fighting, fixing and resisting what I  didn’t want—only to learn that it didn’t work,it didn’t last and it was very stressful. As long as I fight what I don’t want, I remain stuck (what you resist persists), make things worse (what you focus upon expands) and most of all I give my power away! Standing in my power and living my life from the fullness of who I am has often been scary (and still sometimes is) because like most of us, I was taught not to be who I really am. Like most of us I was taught what is wrong with me and what is right with me. What is acceptable and what is not. What is loveable and what is not. So, being true to myself, being all of who I am, has not been that easy. It involved the risk of losing my carefully constructed identities. Over the years I had built up masks and taken on beliefs (consciously, and mostly unconsciously) to fit myself into the roles that I believed I had to play. I rejected and have been trying to hide the parts of myself I thought were not loveable, not acceptable, and not good enough. I had stopped loving certain parts of myself out of fear of not to be loved by others, thus creating exactly what I was so afraid of! Welcome to the human paradox. Luckily there is a way around the paradox. Not by fighting what is not working, but finding and creating new ways that do. Being human didn’t come with a manual, because we ARE the manual. Shift your perspective. Shift your energy. Love your life.